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Downgrading OS

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You should really go to the Mac forums, but OS9 (Classic) should be on the second of the Macbook original installation disks - you just insert the disk and install it, and it should run alongside whatever OS is also on there.

Further to Islandmon's post though, OS 9 will not run on Intel Macs running 10.5. I have an iBook with OS 10.4 & OS 9 installed so I can still access ClarisCAD files for that very reason.

A signature with your system specs would be helpful.

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I used the OS9 install disc to boot the mac at startup with the

"c" key depressed, then did a clean install of OS 9.2. After a restart I used the OSX system preferences to have the mac start up with OS9. Everything seems fine, so far and I loaded one OS9 program just to check. System profiler shows that OSX is still there although I don't know how to activate it if I wanted to.

This excercise was to allow me to use my older and highly customized version of VW Architect 1 at remote locations, such as a client's house and to continue to use my specification writing software, also highly customized, running an older, and better version (IMHO)of MS Word. Thanks Islandman & David for your help.


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