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LightWorks Illumination Backgrounds

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


LightWorks has created their own library of HDRI backgrounds for use with Renderworks. Attached are the files imported into Vectorworks; to use them apply them to design layers and viewports and render in Renderworks modes.

These are lower resolution backgrounds that work best for lighting. We will package up the higher resolution ones in a more formal way for a future release, but I didn't want to sit on these without you being able to benefit from them.

To set them to be used just for lighting and not be seen, use the View->Layer Lighting Options or viewport Obj Info palette Lighting Options. You can set the visible background/backplate to be a different resource than the one used for environment lighting that way.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Here you go:

Note that HDRI raytracing on multi-core machines is kind of slow in 12, you may have better speed results by using Custom RW mode with raytracing turned off before rendering with the HDRIs.

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