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VWA 2009 ON Power Mac G5

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I am running VWA 2009 on a Power Mac G5, and have really noticed some aggravating hesitation with the new version of the software. I was using VWA 2008 as of last week. The hesitation is most notable when editing viewport crops and annotations.

Is anyone else using a G5 experiencing this? Would anyone suggest that I upgrade to an Intel Mac?

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I have 4 Gigs of RAM (which used to be plenty), and the Video card is an ATI Radeon 9600XT with 128 MB of VRAM.

I read through the link too. Thanks.

On larger files, some with detailed model and a variety of 2D details, might start approaching 20 MB, I do experience some hesitation. More noticeable since the upgrade though.

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I'm experiencing complete screen freeze-spinning beachball of death-when I try to move more than 20 selected objects with move-by-points, and it seems to get progressively slower. I could move entire planets without stutter or hesitation in v2008.

G5 iMac, too young to mothball.

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