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Drop down problem when doing class override on viewports


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For some reason over the last few weeks my VW app is having the following problem.

When I select a SLVP

Then click on classes

Then select a class and hit edit

I am able to adjust the attributes for that paricular class in that SLVP only (class override).

However when I click the hatch area to change the type of hatch, the pallete of available hatches flashes up for a split second with out being able to hover over any and select or scoll up and down though the available hatches.

I have to click and hold on the visible hatch and move the mouse over the 12 or so visible hatches and release once im over the desired hatch. This means I am not able to scroll up or down.

This does not happen with any other pallete, for example to change the line weight I click once a drop down of the available line weights appears and I can hover over one and click to select.

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My XP laptop does the same with the plant tool (under 2008 not sure about 2009), but Vista PC works fine (even with 2008). I tried your issue with 2009 on my PC and pretty sure that my laptop will behave as it does with the plant tool as the palette selection of hatch and plant tool looks to be exactly the same.

I put it down to an issue either with the graphics card drivers or something to do with the box not fully fitting on the screen - but in your case with two monitors, it may not be an issue as you should have plenty of screen space. The other thought is a mouse driver issue.

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