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Help with Z values in Layer Link: VW ver 11.5

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Hi Y'all,

Locally business has been slow and I've taken on a job with another architect who also uses vectorworks. Catch is that he wants me to work in his office on his station using VWA (no RW) ver 11.5.1. I'm coming from 2008 and its been hard going "backward." Nevertheless, I'd like to impress and show him the power of modeling in VW (he currently uses VW as a 2d drafting tool) and possibly secure a role in his office upgrading his system and managing the CAD/BIM stuff.

This brings me to my issue:

In VWA 11 I've created a Layer Link for a simple one story house with full basement (four Des Layers: Roof, Wall, Floor, B'ment Wall, Slab). The resulting model in the LL when viewing Front appears to have 2 of the 5 linked layers with incorrect Z values.

I've checked and double checked the z and delta z values of the errant elements and they look good. In fact, if I'm the Wall DL and turn on the other 4 DLs, View Front, Align Layer views, the model looks correct!!! I haven't used any Move commands in elevation views to mess up z values. What gives?

Unfortunately, I've gotten so used to Stack Layers (also my personal templates have model views pre-set etc) that I'm having a problem troubleshooting this LL issue.

I'd like to show my new "boss" the advantages of working in 3d, but can't do so until I get this resolved. Any help greatly appreciated.

BTW, I'm not a big fan of the Sect Layer VP implementation in 2008, but now using Cut 2D and 3D sections...arrrrrgh, I want it back!!!! Not to mention VP class overrides which, in my opinion, has done more for VW than people give credit. Or Polygon by boundary, or... I'd better stop now before I blow a fuse.

Cheers, mmm

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Using viewports allows you to control classes and layers. Switching on and off the layers will allow you to see the layers in their correct vertical alignment.

Just check in the Organisation>Layers dialogue box to make sure that each layer has the correct height and ∆ height values.


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