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workgroup reference files not found after file server migration


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Hi all,

We're currently in a process of migrating our office file server to another machine but we've hit problems with Vectorworks workgroup references. After the migration some of the reference files cannot be found, although the paths remain exactly the same as before and the files do exist. The strange thing is that not all of them are broken, some work fine, others don't. If one locates the files manually it will update fine, however we have over 400G of Vectorworks files and and we just cannot afford to update them all manually.

We are migrating from an OSX server to a FreeBSD machine and both are serving files using the same protocol (afp). The share names are the same on both machines. We also migrated the hfs resource forks, which are stored in an appledouble format on the FreeBSD file system.

Can anyone tell me how exactly vectorworks references those files? Is it doing so by the file paths, resource forks or is there something else that I'm not aware of?

Did anyone else experience this problem and if so how did you resolve it?

Is there an automated way of mass fixing workgroup references across many files?

Here is some more information about our setup:

Old file server: OSX 10.4

New file server: FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE

On the client side we're running Vectorworks 12.5 on OSX (mostly 10.4)

The exact error message is:

The referenced file "Share name:projects:cad:example.mcd" was not found. Please locate it using next dialog.

I'll be very grateful for any suggestions.

Many thanks,


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It depends on how your files were originally referenced,are you using "Absolute Path" or "Path relevant to current document"

The ones that are orphaned may be on PRCD.

If you check the files you might find this is the problem.

Also are any of the references from previous VW versions, that is a no win situation, every file needs to be in the current version.

Because you are using 12.5 you will not have DesignLayerViewports, so it might be well worth thinking of the upgrade first, and then you can batch all your files.

Bearing in mind 2009 is imminent, this is also an option


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Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately it's all referenced using absolute paths. But all files are the same version.

Upgrade is not really an option at this point. I'm the actual sysadmin who is migrating the servers and normally my users don't need to notice that anything has changed with the network infrastructure, it all needs to just work. It's critical for my organization that the work flow remains uninterrupted.

The absolute file paths are the same as before the migration, other applications work fine as well as file aliases and symlinks. Only some Vectorworks references don't. I don't quite understand why or where to look next.

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Because you are using 12.5 you will not have DesignLayerViewports, so it might be well worth thinking of the upgrade first, and then you can batch all your files.

I had a quick search for DesignLayerViewports but coudn't find much information. Do you know where I can find any documentation?


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Thanks MCH. I had a look and although I can see that Design Layer View Ports use file references themselves, I'm don't see how this will help in fixing the current references without locating the files manually.

This is an issue where professional consultancy would be a great benefit.

I hoped Vectorworks support would be able to help. I mailed 3dsupport@unlimited.com last week but nobody got back... Does anyone know what's the best address to mail at Vectorworks when one needs technical support?

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