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page move / linked layer model

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can somebody please explain what happens when i drag the page while in an orthagonal view of a linked layer 3D model. It appears to move the relative location of the 'linked' model to its consituent layers - therby destroying all of my saved viewports in my saved sheets.

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Unfortunately thats just what happens when you move the page. It totally screws up you layer links and your workgroup referencing. One thing you can try is to select your layer links, unlock them, delete them, and then relink the layers. Sometimes this will restore your model. Otherwise you will probably have to copy and paste your layers into a new file and realign the components.

Personally and in our office in gerenal we simply don't ever move the page. If we do need to move it to print a small area we usually save the file, move the page, print, and then revert to saved.

Good Luck

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hello -

Like you, I discovered this problem the hard way. Read the advice above for possible solutions. Early on, I spent many hours fixing a screwed up model by cutting and pasting into a new file. Dig through these archives and through VW User Forum site (http://peach.ease.lsoft.com/archives/vectorworks-l.html) and you will find lots of discussion regarding this topic.

Nemetschek must fix this problem for VW 9. Bug them about it.


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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Just thought I would add that as of VectorWorks, a page move is an undoable event.

This was not the case in MiniCad, and the only course was to revert to saved, losing any work done since the save. This was a big problem before. Now when I accidently move the page I just undo it, no harm done.

Hope this is relevant.

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