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  1. when grouping a selection of objects that are all on the same class, it would be great if the group was to remain on that class.
  2. i'm sure this has been covered before, but i can't seem to track it down - so could someone please tell me how to trim a 3D polyline? thanks
  3. just wondering if anyone has ever come across this before.. after importing a dwg file the resulting VWs file keeps on creating a handful of classes without any names. If i delete these they just pop up again. its just a hassle scrolling down through them each time i want to change classes. i import dwgs fairly regulary and have never come across this before . thanks
  4. can somebody please explain what happens when i drag the page while in an orthagonal view of a linked layer 3D model. It appears to move the relative location of the 'linked' model to its consituent layers - therby destroying all of my saved viewports in my saved sheets.
  5. since upgrading to VW8.5.2 i have lost the ability to 'toggle' between successive commands through repeat pressing a short cut key. Other users in the area report the same. For example if i was on the pointer and pressed '2' to draw a line then pressing '2' again would return me to the pointer. Is there any fix?
  6. found the solution to the problem - a "pantone picker" extension file needed to be in the systems extension folder. So it was a Mac OS thing and not a VW thing.
  7. while trying to create a office colour palette i have noticed that only some machines can call up the Pantone colour ref. system even though they are all running off the mac OS9.0.4 Why is this so?
  8. been having a problem with importing a survey drawing (dwg) in that all of the trees are converted to letters. Obviously this has something to do with a font based symbol system, but how do you over come it?
  9. alternativly it can be reached through the help menu while in VWs. Go to VectorWorks Help and select the online help (top centre). the DTM pdf can then be accessed.


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