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Im a VW2008 Fundamentals user, trying to create line-art images of our products for catalogue. I am after a simple outline image of the product, but using the "hidden line" render option sometimes shows edges of visible surfaces that I dont want.

I have discovered that whether or not these lines are visible depends on how the 3D object was first created. For example, take two identical rounded rectangles, if one is extruded, it will show multiple unwanted lines within the shape. If the other is extruded along a path, these lines are not shown when rendered as a "hidden line".

Many components in my product symbols library have been drawn using the simple extrude command. Redrawing all of these is a real time consuming last resort! Does anyone know of a way round this? Does any of the VW add-on software such as Renderworks have a facility to achieve the desired effect?

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