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I am attempting to work quicker. I have all these different reports which I am in the process of making much neater and work smother for me.

I want all my reports to share common information. Well I have all my project information in a record linked to my title block. Can I take this and have this in another report?

So I have a report where I want to count all sorts of things with a record format. I got the count. I added some extra rows. I added a =('Titleblock','P_Project') into one of the cells trying to take my project name from my title blocks on my sheet layers and have it fill in there that way everything has the exact same text keeping everything looking nice and neat. However I have gotten a #OBJ?. Any thoughts?


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There can be multple title block objects in a file, so just specifying the record and field is not enough information to uniquely identify the object.

You need to create a database row that has the criteria set to identify only the desired title block. Once you have that, then your Titleblock.P_Project formula should work.


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But using the title block in the border feature where you reference the one symbol and only have to enter that data once if it is in the project tab than all your title blocks on multiple sheets share that same information. How does that work and can I just have that take it from there?

Or would you think it better to try something with some sort of worksheet/database that has all my project information and have everything else reference that. I just hate being reparative with the same information

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We simply have a single title block on it's own design layer, and viewport that. We then have a specific "sheet" symbol which contains all of the information specific to that particular sheet. Therefore we only change the project name, address, and that stuff in one layer, and deal with the other drawing specific symbols separately. We also create one single sheet layer which is set up to print our entire set of drawings, so we don't have to mess with a bunch of sheet layers.

No offense to VW, but we found the "document setup", "model setup" and "drawing manager" toos to be far too complicated for our needs.

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If that works for you that's great. The tools were designed for a different workflow, so you need to work with what you have.

What I said about getting the title block data into a worksheet still applies even if you only have a single title block in the drawing. It will have to be called up in a database row so it can be uniquely identified.

You probably only need a single criteria something like Record Titleblock is present


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