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Known issues/feedback on bugs

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I don't believe this is the reason at all. They certainly can't give the general public access to the database and publishing it would be a nightmare of maintaining and updating. I sure don't want NNA wasting resources on it.

Not sure what you mean by database but I would think that they already do maintain their own list of known issues and keep it up to date at least to the extent of prioritizing bug fixes. Once per release of info already known and (I assume) compiled is not too much to ask. I do agree that bug submit acknowledgement would be good as well.

Ray, I really don't see what the difficulty would be. Any insight? I don't lose any sleep over this issue but I am curious. Maybe there are just too many? How many bugs are actually documented per given version? 100? 1,000?

I submit that serious bugs make NNA look bad and that IS at least PART of it. Wasn't there a Mac bug that induced the loss of files when saving while the file was in the dock? Something to that effect......anyway if people had been informed, who knows? Eventually they were and this serious issue was fixed right away which was good. But if someone is having weird VW behaviour it would be nice to know if it's already classed as a bug so a bunch of time is not spent monkeying around in office or on this board.

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Whether public notification of Bugs would help or hinder is a matter of specifics. Many bugs are a result of unpredictable synergies so tracking them can be an excruciating exercise. A Bug Fix "Read Me" is routinely included with all revisions and service packs. Public notification of the special class of "catastrophic" bugs is another matter altogether and deserves special dedicated handling by all software vendors.

These forums could easily include a "Bomb" directory listing the exact "if>then" bug-infested procedures which corrupt or take down a working file or directory.

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