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Creating a worksheet from multiple Record Formats

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I have numerous objects located in my drawings identifying different store fixtures. Each fixture has its own Record Format with the same information titles.



Model No.


How do I get the program to create a report reading the multiple record formats?

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What is it that you are trying to do? Do you want to make a single report that uses the data from all of the different fixtures? I don't think you can do that.

Could you just put multiple database sections stacked in the worksheet to show the different fixture types? You will not be able to sort or sum across the whole bunch, but may be able to get it to display ok.

If they all have the same fields why do you need different record formats? Could you attach two record to each fixture instead? The first would have the shared fields and the second would have the fixture specific fields.

You could put together a VectorScript that will go through and add a single record format to any fixture that has any of the record formats and copy the data over.

Sorry, but I don't know of another way.


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Pat, I'm trying to create a report that can be used to identify how many of each fixture that we use. The report would be used to create the purchase order to the different manufacturer. Thats why all the record formats have the same headings. I believe my two options right now are either manually type in the information and have it scan the drawings to calculate the quantities or to try to figure out why it is not allowing me to do your second choice, which is to have multiple database sections in one worksheet.

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OK, you can't use the Report generator to do what you want, but you can do it manually in the worksheet.

Create a new Worksheet from the resource browser.

Select a row header and Click on it. Make it a Database Row. A dialog box to allow you to set the criteria will open. Set the criteria to Record [Your_Record_Format] is present and click OK. You might want to add more criteria to limit it to just a specific layer. If you have things on design layers and in viewports, they can be double counted.

In column A of the database header row enter the formula of ='Your_Record_Format'.'Vendor' Repeat for each field.

Repeat in the next worksheet (not database) row for the next record format.

Obviously, you will need to replace Your_Record_Format with the name of your record format.

If you need more help, let me know.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I just want to point out that the Report generator has an option that allow you to append a database to an existing worksheet.

Clicks on the Options button on the bottom left corner of the Create Report dialog. Now in the options dialog you can change the database placement option to 'Append to existing worksheet' and select the worksheet you'd like to append to.



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