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Updated architxt font

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I have been working with a true type font called Architxt made by Digital Architect Software Inc. in 1993. I can't seem to print drawings using this text because of restrictions in embedding or something. I'm not really sure, don't know alot about fonts. Anyways, I am looking for an updated version of Architxt or something very, very similar. Either that or someway to change my existing font to unrestrict it.

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Is it a printer that's giving you that error message, or a PDF writer? I tried embedding that font in a PDF file with pdf995 and had no problem.

I've never needed to change embedding permissions on any font, but there's a program called embed that's supposed to do that. You have to put the program and the font file both in a folder you can get to with DOS, then run the program from a DOS prompt window:

[font:Courier New]C:>embed architxt.ttf[/font]

And then of course put the altered TTF file in your fonts folder and re-start VW, saving a copy of the old version in case something goes wrong.

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Keeping in mind that Font technology has changed dramatically over the last 20yrs..

TrueType multi-scalable Fonts were revolutionary because they were based on bezier curves and vectors... enabling them to be described mathematically at any scale to produce impeccable WYSIWYG. Whereas, prior to that Fonts came in different flavors as Bitmaps for the Monitor and then as some form of postscript for paging & printing. TrueType ended all that with a single type code that would be both display & print efficient. This allowed for embedding of the font just like with Adobe postscript fonts, but much more economically ... requiring only a single generic point size instead of multiple installed font sizes.

Microsoft came late to the game mainly because so much of their OS GUI code was based on handling bitmaps at slightly higher dpi resolution to provide the anti-aliased effects made possible by TrueType.

Modern Operating Systems & GPU's are tuned exclusively for pure mathematical fonts allowing for all manner of manipulation & embedding not possible with Bitmap & postscript fonts.

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I just noticed that I can print this text in a different drawing. I don't know why this would be. The only real difference from the other drawing is that this one does not use workgroup references and it was created originally in VW12.5 then switched over. But why would this change how the font prints?

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