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simple rotate question...

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Hi, I've been using VW for years (although never have touched 3d).

I'm working on a house with some angles in plan of 25 degrees. One part of the house is normal, but there will be a whole wing of the house that is rotated 25 degrees to the rest of the house.

Is there a way to rotate the reference that vectorworks uses, ie draw with everything relative to 25 degrees? For example, to be simple, to be able to draw with the Line tool in Constrained mode relative to 25 (ie 105 and 25).

I am aware that you can just select everything and rotate the whole building, but there must be a better way...

Any ideas?


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Thanks Pat. I guess our office will have to upgrade? Bummer.

Setting the grid angle isn't what I was looking for, since if I draw a line and command-M it, it still moves in the old x/y direction, etc etc. Is there any other way to achieve this without upgrading the office to 2008?


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... if I draw a line and command-M it, it still moves in the old x/y direction...

But if you draw a rectangle, a constrained linear dimension, etc etc, it aligns itself with the grid angle.

And if instead of Ctrl-M you move something by dragging it and entering an X or Y coordinate in the data bar, it moves by the distance you typed along a 25 or 115 degree angle.

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