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Looking for gravel and/or rip-rap hatch

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I haven't found a good gravel hatch yet but the leader of my VW users group just told me about STIPPLE. I didn't even know this thing existing but it looks like it will make a decent gravel pattern without having to "manually" draw the darn thing.

VW might have it's short-comings but VW users are THE BEST!

See attached image.

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Is the file overhead an increase in size or in processing time when displaying? Im using stipple quite a bit, although very subtly, and have noticed that performance when moving slows down, but have not noticed other negatives - not that I have been looking. Because of the slow down, I put stipples in their own class that I can turn off unless necessary.

How does putting a stipple and hatch in a symbol help? What is the effects of this? When I create my stipple, should I simply turn it into a symbol when I am happy with its look?


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Stipple does increase your file size, 'cause you're adding some 100's of polys to your drawing.

We got some of those Hatches in our standard VW libary that came with the installation. But i think that only the Dutch version has it, and it is not included in the US version (i can be wrong though). Because of that, i can not send it because it's copyrighted.

But it's not so hard to make one yourself. In attachment is a file with two hatches that i just made. One is made with the inbuild hatchmaker and has therefor a lot of linelayers. The other one i made myself from scratch (in 15 minutes or so, it really isn't that hard to do (but that hatch editor is a pain to navigate in)

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Thanks, Maarten.

You whipped that up in 15 minutes? I feel like it takes me that long to make a simple 45 degree line hatch - VW hatch editor is completely UN-intuitive.

What is the "inbuild hatchmaker?" I just did a quick web search and couldn't find anything.

Glad to hear that the Dutch version has good hatches - just don't understand why NNA doesn't get them for the North American market. It seems like there are lots of things made better by VW resellers abroad.

I still like the look of stipple gravel best because it is more random but, you're right - it does add to file size - AND it can be difficult to get the results you're after. The stipple PIO doesn't give the greatest control over things like density.

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What is the "inbuild hatchmaker?" I just did a quick web search and couldn't find anything.

Well, NatureBoy can't find it either in this topic, so i start to doubt that the US version has it... :(

Ones you got the logic behind those hatches, you can make them quite quickly, but navigating in that Hatch Editor is so time consuming... it's a shame.

But as being said above by islandmon, it's a good workaround to put those Stipples into a symbol that you copy-paste where you need them. That way your file size will not increase extremely, and you still have the look that you like.

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