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Ground Plane / Working Plane relationship issue

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Hi. I've used VW 11 fairly extensively, and have just purchased VW 2008. I'm just starting my first project and am experiencing strange working plane(WP) behavior. I've distilled it down to it's simplest form for this question.

(clean computer restart)

Create a new blank VW document.

Zoom to a level where entire ground plane(GP) grid is nicely in view.

Select "View > Rotate Working Plane ..."

Rotation Angle = 90

Rotation Axis = "X"

All's good so far, the GP grid now shows a pink line across it, left to right, representing the knife edge view of the WP.

Using the flyover tool, any rotations show expected 90d relationship between GP and WP.

Select "Top" view from Standard Views menu.

GP appears as expected, but it is now overlayed with the pink WP grid *laying flat on top of it*. In other words, where there was once a flat GP and a knife edge WP, now GP and WP appear in the same plane.

Using the flyover tool, rotate the view in any direction (do not lift mouse button yet), and GP and WP are laying flat on the same plane. As soon as the mouse button is lifted, the WP snaps into it's appropriate position.

Select "Top" (or "Bottom) View and once again the WP again returns to the GP plane. All other Standard Views exhibit normal expected behavior (that is, the WP is always at 90d to GP).

It's really confusing (and a viewing pain) to see the WP appear 'fraudulently' until the flyover tool is used and released.

Any suggestions? -- or in other words, what am I doing wrong? :)



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Ok, I installed the VW2008 on my laptop and tested the above with the same results. This rules out anything unique to my computer.

Would appreciate someone taking a moment to try in on their machine (will take less than a minute with a clean document) so I know whether to report a bug or a dummy (me).



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JB, I can replicate your experience - it is odd. It only occurs when the Working Plane is at 90 degrees to the Ground Plane. Make it 89? or 91? and your problem does not occur.

I think you should take the time to bug report it.

VW's Working Plane protocol is not overly intuitive or user friendly. It needs to be reworked so that is obvious and user friendly.

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