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  1. Thanks bcd and willofmain. I tried both approaches and the 'convert to lines' worked the best. Super. Appreciate it. JB
  2. I'm not a new Vworks user (been using Architect for sometime), but I'm doing something that I've never tried to do before and can't seem to find what I need in documentation. I'm sure it's simple -- just can't get started. I have several 3D objects that I need to have machined and I'm having a compatibility issue with the machine shop. They are asking me for 2D .dxf files of each face. I can create a dimensioned "2D" view, but it's still just a 2D view of a 3D object. After dimensioning say a side view of the object, how can I export that view as a true 2D .dxf file? I feel stupid -- hopefully not contagious. Thanks JB
  3. Thanks Mar, exactly what I needed. It's a shame that the help system isn't very much help in such areas. Again thanks. JB
  4. I'm trying to take some screen shots and I can't seem to find the check box to hide the thin white working plane grid. I searched the forum but can't find it here either. Suggestions? TIA JB
  5. Thanks to all who had suggestion -- a clean reinstall of 2011 did the trick. JB
  6. That is correct michaelk -- never tried until now and no such rendering from the first try. Yes -- did a simple extrude in a new file with same results. I suspected the same as far as the install but wanted to check and see if there was some check box or the like that I was missing before I go through that. Thanks JB
  7. Thanks Tamsin. Excellent document but as you suspected, nothing related to my problem. JB
  8. No progress bar as is typical for rendering. Progress bar works fine in other modes such as 'polygon'. Thanks JB
  9. I wondered as well, so I went to "Help - About Renderworks ... " and it says "Licensed Products: Designer, Renderworks". JB
  10. Hi folks -- I recently upgraded from 2008 to 2011 and am finally getting around to using it. Odd rendering behavior: Wireframe, openGL, and several others work as expected, but Fast, Final and Custom Renderworks don't work *at all* ... all objects disappear. Something changed from 2008 to 2011 that I need to do different? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. JB
  11. Ok, I installed the VW2008 on my laptop and tested the above with the same results. This rules out anything unique to my computer. Would appreciate someone taking a moment to try in on their machine (will take less than a minute with a clean document) so I know whether to report a bug or a dummy (me). Thanks JB
  12. Hi. I've used VW 11 fairly extensively, and have just purchased VW 2008. I'm just starting my first project and am experiencing strange working plane(WP) behavior. I've distilled it down to it's simplest form for this question. (clean computer restart) Create a new blank VW document. Zoom to a level where entire ground plane(GP) grid is nicely in view. Select "View > Rotate Working Plane ..." Rotation Angle = 90 Rotation Axis = "X" All's good so far, the GP grid now shows a pink line across it, left to right, representing the knife edge view of the WP. Using the flyover tool, any rotations show expected 90d relationship between GP and WP. Select "Top" view from Standard Views menu. GP appears as expected, but it is now overlayed with the pink WP grid *laying flat on top of it*. In other words, where there was once a flat GP and a knife edge WP, now GP and WP appear in the same plane. Using the flyover tool, rotate the view in any direction (do not lift mouse button yet), and GP and WP are laying flat on the same plane. As soon as the mouse button is lifted, the WP snaps into it's appropriate position. Select "Top" (or "Bottom) View and once again the WP again returns to the GP plane. All other Standard Views exhibit normal expected behavior (that is, the WP is always at 90d to GP). It's really confusing (and a viewing pain) to see the WP appear 'fraudulently' until the flyover tool is used and released. Any suggestions? -- or in other words, what am I doing wrong? Thanks JB
  13. Be careful what you wish for... I am a VW Dongle user. I am also a user of another significant software product with security through machine key -- send the company a software provided machine key and an unlock key is provided in return. I am a single user but have gone through 2 computer upgrades, one HD failure and replacement, one motherboard failure and replacement and a couple virus/spyware attacks that required a full and clean OS reinstall. Each of these times a new unlock key has been needed. The company got a bit sniffy about providing me with additional unlock codes in a timely manner(probably thinking I was spreading the program around) and I finally got my fill of dealing with them. I found a code generating crack on the internet and now if I have a problem I can fix the whole problem myself. It sucks to have to go around their security just to be able to use my program in a legal manner. In comparison, I have been so happy with my Dongle...can take it with me for my laptop or whatever else I want to do. There is no perfect answer. JB [ 03-14-2005, 10:48 PM: Message edited by: ThinAirDesigns ]
  14. For what it's worth, I was pretty much in your position a few months ago and Jonothan's books jumpstarted me BIG time. The "Foundation" manuals that I spent $$s on from Vectorworks were useless in comparison. Spend the small $ and get up to speed. It's well worth it. JB
  15. Yes, both thte Logitech and the X-keys will work fine with the Mac. Amazon.com has the mouse for $63 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002UM0JW/ref%3Dpd%5Fsl%5Faw%5Falx-jeb-9-1%5Fce%5F6192918%5F2/104-5400291-4786346 Redsis has x-keys from $60 - $97 depending on the version. http://marketplace.amazia.com/redsis/165.asp?cn=89549&affid=&page=165&pagenumber=&sgldbl= Download this utility from the manufacturer to use X-keys with Mac: http://www.ymouse.com/xkeys/macroworksmac.php Macro Express $39 http://www.macroexpress.com/ [ 01-24-2005, 10:36 PM: Message edited by: ThinAirDesigns ]
  16. Yes, there are physical groups which I used logically, then you can label and color different keys uniquely. JB
  17. I'm a bit retentive about speedy access to tools and commands in software. I appreciate the flexibility that is built into VW, but over the last couple week have run into some limitations with the menus that frustrated me (see my thread: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=004415 I am now the proud owner of an X-Keys USB keypad, Logitech MX100 tilt wheel mouse and Macro Express (Macro utility). I spent the weekend installing and authoring macros and WOW, I feel SOOO much better, lol. First the mouse makes one handed zooming and scrolling a breeze -- wheel scrolls up and down as usual and tilts left and right for horizontal scroll. A quick press of the wheel throws it into zoom mode (like holding the ctrl key down on a simple wheel mouse). I can soooo easily navigate now and I am smiling. The X-Keys keypad (I got the 58 key version) works in conjuction with Macro Express to give me one button command of a TON of features: I have single button access to my top 10 wall types (yep, just hit the 2x6ExShingle button and voila, set to go). Single button rendering options, on and on. It does not matter how deep in the menu/dialog box structure you need to go, Macro Express can get you there one button. I downloaded, installed and programmed 3 different Macro programs before settling on this one which I feel is head and shoulders above the rest. I'm very pleased. If anyone else is using Macro Express and wishes to exchange handy macros, I'm game. I'll update in a few weeks of solid use and share nits, picks and positives of the setup. JB
  18. Just to update everyone on this... The problem was unique to my graphics card driver and an update to the latest version solved the problem. Kudos to Katie and NNA Tech Support for helpfully solving my problem Thanks JB
  19. I just went through the same problem just this weekend...I posted the question. As incredibly helpful as it is I didn't expect a lot of action from this board Sat/Sun, so I solved the problem myself eventually and erased the thread/question. I should have answered my own question on the thread for others benefit I guess. In my case I had been using the dongle and suddenly it stopped working. Here's what I did (not saying this is the best...just the way I handled it). The installation CD has a folder called "Network Licensing Software". In this folder is an app called "Dongle Driver Setup" I ran this program...no luck. I noticed when I ran the program it listed both the version of files it wished to install and the versions that were on the computer (in my case it was trying to install earlier versions). I wrote down, found and deleted the files it listed on my computer. I went to the device manager (control panel...system...hardware) and uninstalled the device. I now assumed I was clean. I reinstalled VW and I was fine. Now, if the Dongle Device Driver app will install newer (or at least up-to-date) versions of the files, that step may solve your problem. Best wishes. JB [ 01-17-2005, 06:59 PM: Message edited by: ThinAirDesigns ]
  20. Cappy, I solved this very problem this weekend. I'll type up my solution over the next 15min and post it. JB
  21. Peter, I have navigated various Windows Apps where there were none of these limitations so I'm sure it's not native to Win. With VW for Win, I can do functionally what you describe, but only one layer deep, then it will not allow it any deeper and places all menus at the same level. Again, these are minor limitations that I can live with quite nicely...just want to make sure that I'm not missing something. Thanks again and looking forward for some quick input from NNA. JB
  22. Ok, I am butting heads apparently with another limitation here regarding custom menus... I can create my own 1st-gen menu item (don't know the official term, but the ones visible across the top of the screen). I can create my own 2nd-gen menu item (the ones that become visible when the 1st-gen menu is activated) I cannot seem to figure out how to create a 3rd-gen menu item -- a submenu to a 2nd-gen variety. Since I can find nothing in the documentation relating to this, nor to my earlier question, could someone from NNA confirm this behavior or share what I'm doing wrong? Thanks JB
  23. Hi Peter and thanks for your response. Perhaps this is a difference between Mac and Windows. If I select "Artistic RenderWorks" as you describe, it highlights 6 additional menu items including: Fast RenderWorks Fast RenderWorks with Shadows Final Quality RenderWorks Custom RenderWorks Custom RenderWorks Options Artistic RenderWorks Options These 7 items can only be added or deleted as a group. This behavior holds true for a large number of menu items that seem to be grouped and can only be customized as such. If this is a difference between Mac and Windows, consider yourself lucky (yet again). JB [ 01-16-2005, 02:17 PM: Message edited by: ThinAirDesigns ]


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