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OS 9 upgrade hesitancy

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I'm running VW8.5.2 on G4 350 with OS 8.6

I dont have many problems with VW now.

Our office has just gotten a copy of OS 9.

Should I upgrade? as I have searched the database for problems with OS 9 & VW and there are varying opinions.

Am I asking for trouble or has patches been found since those os9 Q&A on BB pages 2-3.



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I have a G4 with OS 9 and when I first loaded VW I had lots of problems. Freezing Crashing Ect.

I seem to have worked the bugs out and Now VW is fairly stable

the main things I did was to

download the OS 9.1(or 9.01 or something) upgarade from apple.

I down loaded the latest version of Adobe Type Manager ( there is an upgrade on the adobe site specifically for OS 9)

and I have turned my Virtual Memory off.

Good Luck

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Three words. Don't do it! I upgraded to OS 9 when it first came out, got the updates and had nothing but problems. I went pack to OS 8.5 and haven't had the problems I had with 9. It is reputedly the worst OS that Apple has ever released. I would tend to agree. Not only did it cause problems with VelctorWorks, it also caused prblems with other programs. I coudn't spool print to my HP455CA along with numerous other problems. My suggestion, three more words-Forget about it!

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I'm pretty pleased with MacOS 9.0x. I've got 9.0 running on a PowerBook G3, and 9.01 (I think) running on my desktop G3 at work. Both are quite stable, and I haven't noticed any particular problems between MacOS 9.0/9.01 and VectorWorks 8.5.2. Note that as a developer, my modus operandi with VectorWorks is probably quite different from yours. Still, I say go for it!

Caleb Strockbine


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I have been running OS 9 (current upgrade 9.0.4) and VW 8.5.2 on a beige G3 and 4 iMacs (400, 360 # 233MHz) and all are generally trouble-free.

The only continuing criticism is the flying carpet/tartan wallpaper screen corruption which still occurs with VW with a screen resolution set to 1000s of colours. And before you ask, yes with the ATI video extensions & drivers either updated or switched off - it makes no difference which.

So, in a nutshell, don't be paranoid about the update to OS 9.0.4 - just follow the recommended updates for other things like ATM, etc.

Good luck Mr. Phelps.

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