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    Plant Tags

    Is there a way to format custom plant tags without having to customize every plant inserted in the drawing.
  2. James, do a search in the general discussion forum for userName "Chuck". The topics will be reasonably obvious - good luck. Chuck. PS We still have the same problems when viewing at 1,000's of colours on the screen settings.
  3. Yeah thanks Caleb. Not much joy there. I take back my doubleClick reference - it is just two mouseClicks - but it is still two clicks not one! My point actually was that if you steam through the symbol placement process putting the same symbol in numerous nonspecific locations (typically trees in a park setting - we are landscape architects) then you tend to get a percentage of the placed symbols rotated due to the speed of placement being just above snail's pace, and nowhere near keeping up with the operator. The option-drag is a second-best work-around if we must use it. Oh, and Psst.... I am not a computer/CAD dummy, but thanks anyway for your response. Chuck
  4. Thanks Klinsey. For all those NON-click-drag people out there who would still like to place symbols, etc. without the 2 doubleClicks for each symbol - is there any specific relief for us, or is the only resolution still a global preference setting forcing us to click-drag everything else? Chuck
  5. When placing symbols (Mac) the selected symbol is outlined with the dotty line while moving to the desired location to place it. The first mouseClick offers a rotation option, the second mouseClick places the symbol. Is there any way of turning off the rotation preference so that the symbol is placed at the desired point on the first mouseClick, thus not having to click twicw for each symbol placement? This will assist me in avoiding all those accidentally rotated sybols! Chuck
  6. We are running Macs and use the Printer Utility for the relevant plotter/printer (usually supplied by the printer manufacturer). The HP plotter we use (HP755CM) came with a printer utility for both Macs and PCs. Good luck.
  7. Paul, If you look closely you are likely to find not a blank sheet but a very small dot or line printed. We have had this problem printing from VW 8.5.1 to an HP plotter. VW 8.5.2 seems to have cured the problem. Chuck
  8. Paul, If you look closely you are likely to find not a blank sheet but a very small dot or line printed. We have had this problem printing from VW 8.5.1 to an HP plotter. VW 8.5.2 seems to have cured the problem. Chuck
  9. I have been running OS 9 (current upgrade 9.0.4) and VW 8.5.2 on a beige G3 and 4 iMacs (400, 360 # 233MHz) and all are generally trouble-free. The only continuing criticism is the flying carpet/tartan wallpaper screen corruption which still occurs with VW with a screen resolution set to 1000s of colours. And before you ask, yes with the ATI video extensions & drivers either updated or switched off - it makes no difference which. So, in a nutshell, don't be paranoid about the update to OS 9.0.4 - just follow the recommended updates for other things like ATM, etc. Good luck Mr. Phelps.
  10. I just reset my mouse tracking speed to slow and then to medium (2 notches above slow) with no change to behaviour - still a bezier-appearance in an otherwise corner vertex world. One thing I omitted to mention in previous posts is that once I get the first bezier vertex in my corner-vertex polygon (during the drawing process) all the subsequent vertices in continuing to draw the polygon are bezier, no matter how slowly I draw and how carefully I ensure the mouse is ABSOLUTELY stationary during clicking. And no I do not have the trembles! Chuck.
  11. Hannes, Thanks for your further explanation. I tried the exact same thing that I have been doing on my machine on one of our other Macs (400MHz iMac) with no problems. Your suggestion of click-dragging does produce a bezier vertex then back to corner. I will have to review how my machine (a beige 233MHz G3) is set up to see if I can get to the bottom of it all. I know I have boggins of memory allocated to VW so that can't be the problem. I have also tried the mouse preferences set to slow/medium/fast double-click speed with no success. Perhaps it has something to do with the set tracking speed. I will check and advise. Thanks for everyone's input on this one. Chuck.
  12. Thanks Hannes, I agree with your assessment of default Bezier vertices appearing when drawing with "polyline by corner point tool". But why is VectorWorks programmed to change to Bezier vertices on the run (or in my case because I try to draw polylines faster than snail's pace)??? Why can't the programme behave and stay with corner vertices, no matter what the speed of drawing?? I look forward to some DG input here. Chuck.
  13. Yes you are right - the Bezier-default vertex point mid-line-draw happens only while using the "Polyline by Corner Point Tool." There are no similar problems using the "Single-Line Polygon Tool". While I am pleased that I can still draw corner-vertex polylines & polygons using the alternative tool without suddenly turning into a Bezier polyline, I would still like the apparent problem with the "Polyline by Corner Point Tool" fixed or at least explained by the techBoffins. The lack of 'official' response from DG perhaps reflects a certain inability of the programmers to get to the bottom of this problem??? Any techBoffins care to explain?? Chuck.
  14. Just a short update on the polyline vertex bezier-snap change from a corner vertex in the middle of drawing the polyline. VW 8.5.2 HASN'T SOLVED THIS ANNOYING PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr!! Any chance of the techPeople advising of a work-around on this one??!! Chuck.
  15. Don, We have had this same problem - I believe since updating to 8.5.2 the problem still persists. We are using OS9 with iMacs and a G3 beige PPC. Chuck
  16. Thanks Marc. I'll give it a try and get back to you. Chuck.
  17. Thanks Andrew, Another annoying little bug which takes the gloss off the marketable image for VectorWorks! Let us live in hope that we get an official response from the techBoffins at Diehlgraphsoft with an explanation, a workaround or a promise to fix it soon. Chuck.
  18. Is there not one other person out there in cyberspace who is afflicted with this problem???
  19. I forgot to say I'm on a G3 Mac. I would love to solve this problem as it is driving me crazy. I don't remember this problem with version 8.0.1.....
  20. Yep - 256 colours seems to be the only way out at the moment (until Diehlgraphsoft pull their combined fingers out!). How about it guys? I think ATI and other driver manufacturers have had enough bagging for 'their' problem, don't you?
  21. Refer to the numerous forum topics on this same issue under the pseudonyms of "barber pole" and "flying carpet" patterning. The issue is apparently to do with upgrading your ATI or other video cards/extensions/etc. I am still having fun in this area and am hoping the 8.5.2 update (a bugFix I noted in the 8.5.2 update notes) will correct the problem. Stay tuned . . .
  22. I have experienced the following problems with v8.5.1 - drawing a polygon with normal (corner) vertices as the selected mode, after a few mouseClicks (corner vertices) the vertex mode switches without warning to creating bezier vertices with each mouseClick. The mode bar still indicates corner vertices are being created! I have tried various constraints settings with the same result. I have tried varying the speed at which I draw the polygons with the same result. I do not have a loose finger sitting on the U-key modifier. Any thoughts???
  23. Try www.ozcad.com.au - they have a lassoo tool and a polyline selection tool that both make life a bit easier for we Caddies.
  24. Try www.ozcad.com.au - they have a lassoo tool and a polyline selection tool that both make life a bit easier for we Caddies.
  25. Is boosting the V-Ram likely to assist? I need a Mac tech response on this one. Anyone have any clues???
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