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I am wondering about computer improvements to get better response time when modifying graphics etc. When I move a post, it will take up to 10 seconds for this to happen. My processor does not spike, but only runs at about 50-75%. I do not know if this is a video card, processor, ram, etc. issue.

My machine is a Pentium 4, 3.00 GHz, 3.00 GB of ram, with a Radeon X850 series video card with 256 meg of ram. XP Pro Service Pack 2.

Too much work to post image.

I work mostly in OpenGL for basics.

Any suggestions,


How do I insert an image.

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didn't see your attached example. Without looking: if you work in opengl or NON rendered modes, your refresh most likely has something to do with your graphics card. This would be substantiated by the fact that your processor is not spiking. Graphics are handled by your card not your processor.

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Thom, your P4 is probably emulating 2 processors. You can confirm that by looking at Windows Task Manager / Performance, and see if there are two separate graphs for the CPU. So most VW operations, except for RenderWorks, will use only 1 of those "processors" = 50% CPU capacity.

Can you compare your experience with 2008 to VW 12.5? What are your video card specs? Forum users have noted a lot of problems with certain setups affecting the speed of 2008.

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Try running just VW, and you will see that your graphs will differ and that one will be working much harder than the other. That's because VW doesn't use more than one processor at a time (except, as I noted, for RenderWorks rendering). Since computing power is now moving to multiple processors, we won't be able to boost our performance with CPU upgrades until VW is optimized to use multiple processors.

I don't know if it's possible to get your P4 to run without the dual processor emulation. You might ask the company that sold you the computer, but I've never looked into it - I doubt it, but it's probably worth a phone call. Right now, only 50% of your P4 can be applied to a VW task.

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