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2d reshape switching to click-drag mode

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Have anyone come across this? (or a solution for it)

click-drag is off by default. 2d reshape works as normal (click-click) on vertices, but after a marquee click drag, the tool stays in click-drag mode (even though preferences still shows it as off and all other operations are still on click-click mode).

And.. after a random number of frustrated click-why is it not holding-clicks, it reverts back to normal.

Office has just upgraded to ver12, and I haven't been able to find posts that mentions this in the forums.


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This behavior with 2d reshape is just a fact of life. It's annoying, but eventually you will get used to having to hold the mouse button down until you arrive at the desired point.

Until you mentioned the connection with using the marquee to drag several vertices, I never realized that this is what triggers the behavior. Good observation! I'm pretty sure this is a bug. It is still present in v2008, and I will report it.

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While an excellent (& basically seconded) notion by a novice (?) who does not things for granted, this does have Implications that require further UI research. How about 3D-editing? Control points of parametric objects? (I don't know, I'm just thinking.)

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This is what I sent to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net last August:

This has been an issue I believe since 11.5, though I am not positive.

When using the 2D reshape tool with click-click drawing enabled, using the marquee can force the 2D reshape tool to ignore the click-click setting until:

1) restarting VW or

2) going to VW permissions and checking "use click-drag) closing permissions reopen and uncheck "use click-drag) or

3) drawing a marquee somewhere on the screen and clicking outside the marquee to dismiss it.

anyone of these three actions will restore click-click functionality to move vertex and add vertex.

To replicate this:

1 open blank document (make sure you are using click-click in VW permissions)

2 draw a poly (-gon or -line)

3 use the reshape tool to draw a marquee around 1 or more vertices

4 dismiss the tool by using a keystroke to switch to another tool without clicking the mouse to dismiss the marquee

5 switch back to the 2D reshape tool and try to edit the poly, you should notice that you only have the ability to edit using click drag, until performing one of the three above mentioned corrections.

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Thanks for the work around.. exactly what I was looking for

seems like you only have to click the 2d reshape crosshair on screen (ie not over an object) to restore click-click

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