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  1. while this is great for those who were from the acad background, is there any reason why it brings the moved object to the front of other objects? I suspect it's because it acts as a duplicate command. Is there a way around this?
  2. your view might have changed to 3d set it back to top/plan view and the door & swing should appear
  3. Thanks for the work around.. exactly what I was looking for seems like you only have to click the 2d reshape crosshair on screen (ie not over an object) to restore click-click
  4. Have anyone come across this? (or a solution for it) click-drag is off by default. 2d reshape works as normal (click-click) on vertices, but after a marquee click drag, the tool stays in click-drag mode (even though preferences still shows it as off and all other operations are still on click-click mode). And.. after a random number of frustrated click-why is it not holding-clicks, it reverts back to normal. Office has just upgraded to ver12, and I haven't been able to find posts that mentions this in the forums. Thanks


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