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Changing doors

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I have a door in a wall that I picked and dropped from the Resource browser. I want to now change that door to a different door but leave it in the same place.

Is there anyway to select the door in the wall, and then change it to another size door from the resource browser?


Do I have to drag the size of the door I want from the resource browser to the model space and insert as such to switch them out?

This goes for all PIO's windows, cabinets, etc.

thanks in advance

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You can use the eyedropper tool.

Place your new door somewhere on the drawing. Select the eydropper tool, and click on the eyedropper prefs and check "Plug-in parameters". Then "pickup" the prefs from the new door, then drop them on the door you have in the wall.

I think have a script that does something like this for multiple objects, but I'm not sure if it is working right now. I haven't used it in a while.

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