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"Set 3D View" of 2 Design Layers at Once

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I am trying to create a 3D model of a 2 story house (VW 12.5). Each floor plan is on its own design layer (first floor on 'MOD FLOOR-1' and the second floor on 'MOD FLOOR-2'). When I try to "Set 3D View," it appears that only the active design layer switches to a perspective.

Is there a way to set both design layers into a 3D view at the same time?

Do I need to copy both of my floor plans into a new, combination design layer that I can then view in perspective?

Has anyone found an easier way to view more than one floor/design layer in a perspective at the same time? Thanks!

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Use "Stack Layers" under the View menu to stack everything up and render all the layers at one time.

OR - create a Layer Link linking everything together.

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Stack layers is pretty cool, but my preference is to use a layer link...

create a new layer for 3D viewing and call it, say, 3D Model

then layer link your layers that you want.

Set up your perspective view

set the rendering options that you want

then save the view.

Now any time you want to come back to this view, choose the saved view and you will be taken to the saved view, complete with the rendering

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