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Katie, I wonder why we have to keep going over the same ground?

- Under certain circumstances, after doing some quick zooming and /or panning, selection handles will not appear. The object is actually selected (confirmed by the OIP), but I have to close the file and re-open it in order to restore handle visibility.

This last situation is a bug, and I have attempted to report it but can't reproduce the sequence of events that leads to the problem.

My system specs are in the first post, and other specifics are spread over several posts. We keep going over the same ground looking for that one little obvious gotcha that can sometimes be overlooked even by experienced VW operators. For example, it would be easy to switch to 3D Top View instead of Top/Plan. But that's not the case in my situation.

In addition to all of the other strange issues, I have also noticed that sometimes when zoomed-in close the selection handles don't display until I zoom back out. I was assuming this was related to the Active Class Only selection problem, but it may be a separate issue like the constant crashing in another set of drawing files during zooming and panning. [speaking of zooming and panning, can someone explain exactly what Quicktime has to do with those operations?]

I appreciate all the suggestions, but I may have to uninstall and reinstall VW, and hope for the best. However, I can't do that in the middle of a hot project. So in the meantime, I'm still checking all options related to snapping and classes.

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Steve, I can confirm that I don't experience the problem you describe. You've already verified that the problem is isolated to your computer, so I would have to suspect that your VW installation has gone faulty. I note that you haven't done the free upgrade to 12.5.1, which is in itself worthwhile.

The best I can come up with is to suggest that you uninstall VW and do a fresh installation of 12.5.1 - it might solve your problem. After doing your fresh install, hold off if you've been using a customized workspace, and run a quick test or two using one of the standard workspaces. I'd also take care to do all re-setting of the Layer and Class View settings using the menu instead of keyboard shortcuts, just for the test.

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My system specs are in the first post

JHE, sorry, my oversight.

Based on Steve's observations about his files working fine on other machines, you might be able to shed some light by checking things out in similar fashion. Does his step-by-step problem description match what you are observing?

The reason I added a caution about using the menu to reset Layer and Class View options (for the test) is that it is remotely possible a keyboard shortcut has been assigned to one of those options, and that you are inadvertantly switching the Class View to Active only.

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The odd thing about the Active Only selection problem is that it happens when the current Layer and Class settings say SHOW / SNAP OTHERS. View and viewport settings also say SHOW/SNAP OTHERS.

I have found that the template I made this drawing from also has the Active snap issue. I have purged and deleted anything non-essential from the template file, but it still won't select anything that is not in the Active class. It will snap, but won't select.

Oh well, I'll just take another chill pill and get back to work . . . tedious, repetitious work. Thanks for the sympathy.

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I'm now completely confused.

JHEarcht - are you saying you cannot select when you have Layer & Class Options set to Show/Snap Others?

If so, that's how that setting works.. You can only select objects on the active layer. Objects on any other visible layer is only snapable.

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I did not read all your correspondence, as it is very long...

have you made sure that the view setting, (view then standard views), is set to top/plan, not just plan, if it is not set to top/plan it wont let you ammend other layers, dont know why...


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Ha! Katie, you're not the only one that's confused.

When I have layers and classes set to SHOW/SNAP OTHERS, I can see and snap to objects On The Current Layer, but I can't select them until I change the class to suit the object I'm trying to select. I'm not trying to select an object on the wrong layer. To be perfectly clear, this problem has nothing to do with other layers---only other classes on the current layer.

Anyway, I have given up on the screwed-up drawing file. I am now trying to rebuild the drawing in a clean document, since the template also seems to have the same glitch.

However, I can't even use CONTROL A to Select All objects on the current layer for copying and pasting into the new file. Even a CUSTOM SELECTION will only select one Class at a time on the current layer. It will take me 12 forevers to transfer the data at this rate. Somebody just shoot me!

PS---I still wish I could understand what caused this recalcitrant behavior. But the project must go on.

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I think this file is beyond help. But I will continue posting here just to keep track of my futile attempts to salvage something on the project.

After I finally succeed in selecting all objects on a layer, I convert them all to the same class, and group them. Next I copy and paste into the new clean file.

However, even though the source and destination layers are set on 3/16" scale (to fit a 24 x 36 sheet) the groups paste in the new file at about 5 1/2 times the correct size. But if I rescale the layer to 1/32" scale to fit the objects on the 24 x 36 sheet, the reduced walls look about 1/3 the original size, but they scale the same as before at 3/16.

And to add to the confusion, the doors and windows in those same walls now look about one foot wide relative to the walls, but they scale 3 feet wide. In other words, the symbols are now at the correct scale for the layer, but the walls are not.

My sanity is being sorely tested here.

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Well, if you have CLASS OPTIONS set to SHOW/SNAP others, you can't select objects in other classes except the ACTIVE CLASS.

Show Snap means just that - you can see other visible classes, and you can snap to those objects, you can't select or modify them.

In this case, you'll need to set the CLASS OPTIONS to SHOW SNAP MODIFY OTHERS to select objects in other classes.

Whether it's CLASS OPTIONS or LAYER OPTIONS, the same rule applies --


SHOW OTHERS - See other visible CLASSES OR LAYERS, but cannot select anything except ACTIVE LAYER/ CLASS

GRAY OTHERS - The ACTIVE class / layer is visible, selectable, manipulatable; all other classes / layers are GRAYED OUT

SHOW / SNAP OTHERS - The ACTIVE class / layer is visible, selectable, manipulatable; all other visible classes / layers can be SNAPPED TO ONLY - they cannot be selected or edited.

GRAY / SNAP OTHERS - Objects on classes other than the active class / layer are grayed out and able to be snapped to, but cannot be selected or manipulated

SHOW / SNAP MODIFY OTHERS - Everything visible can be selected, snapped to, and edited.

Edited by Katie
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I ran disk utility, and after a restart, I can now snap to "gray" entities again, so thanks for the advice.

I have only been using macs for the past 18 months, and I am ashamed to say that I didn't know there was such a thing as disk utility, but I suppose that is testimony to the stability of my mac. When using windows, it was a must to know all the tricks and fixes for the OS!!!

One more thing, as an Autocad convert, I would never want to go back to Autocad again. I considered myself to be a fairly advanced Autocad user, but my output in Vectorworks is faster, and looks a hell of a lot better.

Having said that, I couldn't live without the additional tools I've added to Vectorworks, i.e.

Move tool by point/remote point, ditto copy.

Rotate View

Turn off layer by selecting, ditto class

Stretch (I mean a proper stretch tool)

All I want now is a one hit delete tool and "direct data entry" (as on sketchup)

Thanks Again

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Well, if you have CLASS OPTIONS set to SHOW/SNAP others, you can't select objects in other classes except the ACTIVE CLASS.

You're right of course. I was confusing my default LAYER (SSO)setting with the default CLASS setting(SSMO). I told you I was getting confused. In this file sometimes it works OK, and sometimes not. A few minutes ago, the SSMO class option was working, now it's not.

My latest problem in the same file is that the PAGE SETUP is set for a 24 x 36 sheet to fit my 24 x 36 border. But on screen the page size looks like 8 1/2 x 11. Objects are in proportion to the border, but the scale is way off, by a factor of about 5.35. Layer scale numbers (1/16" in this case)are set correctly, but th e Tape Measure tool measures 20 feet as 104 feet. When I try to group and shrink all objects the doors in walls go to the correct scale, but the walls don't.

Somebody keeps changing things around, and it's not me. I'm getting paranoid.

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JHE, a couple of things. Do you know about copying/retrieving a file using the Workgroup Reference method? Second, you never said whether the layer you are working in is a Design layer or a Sheet layer.


I'm not familiar with that method. Since I work alone (where nobody can hear me scream) I don't use WorkGroups. Can you give me a hint?

I have Design Layers, Sheet Layers, and ViewPorts in this drawing, but they are all in the same fix.

I'm wondering if I can blame these gremlins on the AutoCAD content in the file?

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