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  1. Thanks Pat, how do i change the compatability to XP Pro? Matt
  2. I try to export even the smallest file to DXF / DWG and get an error message 'Insufficient Memory: At least 62245K of additional memory required is required to initialize export' I have 4 gig of memory and i never had this on my old latop. I have changed the virtual memory up to something crazy like 100,000 Mb but still no joy. Could this be a vista problem? Thanks
  3. I have created a DTM by tracing contours using 3D polys, gave them all Z heights, that has worked just fine. A lot cheaper than buying 3-D data. I now need to export this as a survey file X,Y,Z in a word style format. How can I do this? Can I dictate how it is converted is terms of creating a grid of 3D locus points or dose it put one at every junction of the poly lines. Thanks Matt
  4. I did not read all your correspondence, as it is very long... have you made sure that the view setting, (view then standard views), is set to top/plan, not just plan, if it is not set to top/plan it wont let you ammend other layers, dont know why... Matt
  5. I do not understand how the Libaries work?. This is a follow on from a previous enquirey. There are files in the hatch libary that are un-available from the hatch menu, (in the attributes pallet) when you open a a new file. Do you have to open the libary file in order to use those hatches? how do i make all hatches available all the time? How do you access the other libary components? Are they for use in the resource browser only? Hmmm, Thanks Matt
  6. Hi, I have a lot of hatches that came with VW10, how can I import them into VW 12. I am running them with 2 licences, it is not an upgrade. I tried copying the file into hatches folder but no joy. The file sis a .mcd file. Thanks Matt
  7. I am trying to render a landscape with night settings. It is a simple layout with a few trees and 3 spot lights, very similar to street lighting and i need to show the effects of these lights at night I have tried turning off the ambient light and that makes the ground dark but i still have a light grey sky and the trees glow when they are in shaddow... Any help / advice apreciated VW 12.5 PC Pentium4 3.2 Ghz 2 gig ram
  8. I am trying to install vectorworks 12.5 from a replacement DVD series B114 onto a PC laptop. all was fine excpet when I start up it says there is no driver for the dongle, I have searched the website but nothing comes up...where can i download the driver from? Thanks Matt
  9. Please excuse the cramed nature of this post. I have kept notes on small things I have been considering. Can i import other trees or bushes from a third party and where would i put the file. If i wanted to draw my own trees etc what would i save them as to be a tree or bush in the resource browser? Can i give other shapes the ability to site modifiey the way pads etc can? Is there any simple way to insert rivers or lakes? When i set out a clump of trees the ones in the middle do not render, they come out as grey blocks, is there a setting for this? Can i import other textures into render works? I use VW designer 12.0.1 on mac and pc.
  10. Yes it has been set to show the proposed model and it seems to have worked on some sections of the road. That is that the DTM has been altered to fit the profile of the road but in others it has not worked, it looks like the fence set arround the pad has a different z value in places that actually pull the DTM above the road, i cannot find a way to alter the z values of points on the fence. Perhaps i need to make the road from smaller sections? I still get the same error message that two pads are intersecting and a fence and pad intersect but have no way of identifying where it is going wrong. Thanks for your help.
  11. Having studied the problem, what is ocuring is a bit more baffling: I place a road or anything with modifiers and a fence send it to the surface then update the site model. It come s up with error report that 2 pads overlap and a pad and a fence overlap, i close the dialog box. The contours in 2D?plan view have been adjusted ok and seem to have worked, BUT when a 3d view is selected and rendered the old profile remains.
  12. It is VW 12.0.1, Is there any reason why a road, when the modifiers work, could not be used to illustrate a river? Can you vary the width of a road section so it slowly get narrower?
  13. I seem to have 2 error meassages come up when i try to update the DTM after putting a massing model and a road on the existing site. It says Pad intersecting fence and two intersecting pads. The road is made from 15 seperate sections curved and straight and the fence is 2m wide and on all of them it bridges over onto the next piece of road, i have zoomed in to see if the pads have been moved but they all seem to but up to each other. Not sure how to progress as my road is partially burried in the slope of the ground, any thoghts? Thanks
  14. Is it possible to add new fonts to the fonts list, if so would i also be able to turn them from true type to polyline? thanks
  15. yes the massing models are solid. What i ahve found is if I take a 3D view and set the perspective to normal it will render fine, but if i set it to orthogonal or perspective it only renders a very thin area of the DTM. i dont know what this means or how to fix it but i do know that i am very late in getting these sections drawn. Is there any way of taking a 2D section that will show the buildings and any of the background info like mounds or trees?
  16. I have created a DTM with 3 massing models and need to take various sections. I have tried this using the section viewport tool and have succesfully got a section that shows the back ground image but only as a wire frame or hidden line. I reset the render menue in the viewport box to renderworks with shadows and updated but nothing. I made the dtm settings to solid fill a colour in 3d view. Is there anything else i can do? Thanks
  17. Thanks, I have been able to create a good DTM of the site by combining two sets of 3d loci data and then when it is turned into contours it looks OK. I have some questions. Can you create a uniform grid of 3d loci from 3d polygons or do you have to live with 3d loci placed along the contour? Now that i have built the DTM or site model i need to add masing models, roads, trees etc; and take 3d views of this landscape showing the size and postion of the buildings, to show the planners they will not be visible from various locations. The next step is to add massing models, a road way and lots of trees. I have tried doing this on a new layer in plan view, i have sent objects to surface and that has worked but when i come to taking a 3d view the site model disapears off the page and the massing models etc stay where they were. Why does this happen and how do i "fix objects" to the site model. Do i need to set up a more accuarte layers or connect the layers? I have tried to photograh using renderworks camera but never get any image, could this be linked to the site model disapearing? Also when i send a road to the surface it only works some of the time, can i send a polyline to surface and extrude along it to create a simple road? Are there any manuals on using landmark as it seems very complex and the VW design PDF is not very in depth?
  18. I am trying to build a site model and have followed the design manual PDF but it dose not explain anything about how the DTM or site model works. where can i go to get an understanding of this program? I have imported the site survey data as 3D loci, created a site model and had it set so it was shown in 3D contours. All this went fine. What i want to do now is adjust the site model. Or, more specifically, how do i either adjust the contours i have imported or import new contours to replace an area i want to re-profile. I dont want to just make a pad for a house or a flat road i want to redesign an area of the site. I have the new area drawn as 2d polylines that i would like to turn into 3d contours and insert into my site model. I am not worried about knowing the cut and fill for this operation. I imagine that this may take a bit of explaining, so dose anyone know of a good manual or has this been dealt with elsewhere by the VW team?
  19. I have used VW on both a mac and a pc and have noticed a few differences, like staking out a road works on PC but not mac and the layout is different. Is there a design to this or is it just 2 slightly different programs? if there are specific differences or qualities what are they?
  20. Thanks for all the help, i will try these various methods. Thanks I am finding that if i use vectorworks on a PC it will allow me to do it but not if I use my MAC, there seems to be a few differences between the two.
  21. com on, some one must be able to give me some help...
  22. Please can someone help... I am trying to build my first DTM, and have done ok with setting up the existing and now i need to add a road! i have followed the manual and have a polyline but it wont allow to stake it out (place station points) the tab is greyed out. it is so simple to get to this stage but i must have something wrong. I am doing it on the same layer as the dtm with arc polyline . Any ideas? thanks Matt
  23. I have tried formZ but it is very simple. It just turns all surfaces into triangles. I did get a reccomendation of Touch Cad which i checked out and it seems very good, the daddy of all programs for this Catia, a ship building softare but is rather is expensive. I was hoping that it could be done with the softare i have, maybe next release... Thanks
  24. Thats great, thanks Christiaan.
  25. A new one when i restart the program. it seems to keep the settings for the peroid i use the program but if i restart it looses the settings.
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