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Door Schedule

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I am experiencing the same problem. I have placed several doors into my plan and am now going back and filling in entries within the "Door Settings" dialogue, that I want covered in the "Door Schedule" worksheet. There are certain items I want shown and others I don't. For example I want to display door material and finish, but not rough opening sizes. There are others but these are examples. How do I edit the worksheet columns to have the schedule appear the way I want. It was fairly simple in V11.

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Sometimes the easiest way to edit a worksheet is to create a new one with the Create Reports option. I (too often) can't remember the "code" for a data item to start a new header. . .so I'll just generate a new report. Yes, you have to recreate the formatting, etc. So it's not always the quickest.

Good luck,

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It's frustrating that the worksheet generated by selecting "Create VA Schedule" is not easily editable to have the information you want displayed and the information you don't. It was a fairly simple excercise is V11. Is anyone else out there experiencing this problem????

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