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Depth of field in renders.



I've been enjoying the advances that RW has been making recently, in particular HDRIs.

For Product renders, it's just a Dream Come True. (OK, I have simple ambitions).

What would be the icing on the cake (of my mixed metaphor) would be Depth of Field.

With that and some radiosity refinements, RW would really be approaching "Photo Realism" !


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Well actually, I would prefer something more approaching the way a camera behaves.

Depth of field is linked to the focal length of the lens, but not really "based" on it.

A simple foreground> infinity bluring would be better than nothing I suppose, but I would like to see foreground out of focus as well as background, with the appropriate DOF in the middle.


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Here's a POVRay config for Depth of Field:


@mt2.Typical camera



location <0.0 , 2.0 ,-5.0>

look_at <0.0 , 0.0 , 0.0>


@mt2.Camera definition

// set viewer's position in the scene



// (camera types)

// perspective (default) | orthographic | fisheye |

// ultra_wide_angle | omnimax | panoramic | cylinder 1

location <0.0, 1.0, -6.0> // position of camera <X Y Z>

direction 2.0*z // which way are we looking <X Y Z> & zoom

// sky y // rarely used

up y // which way is +up <X Y Z>

right 4/3*x // which way is +right <X Y Z> and aspect ratio

look_at <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> // point center of view at this point <X Y Z>

// angle FLOAT // overrides "direction" with specific angle

// normal { ripples 0.2 } // perturb the camera lens with a pattern

// (focal blur extras)

// aperture 0.2 // 0...N (bigger is narrower depth of field)

// blur_samples 4 // # of rays per pixel

// focal_point <VECTOR> // x,y,z point that is in focus



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