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Symbols and records

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I have been attempting to create a master file with a collection of 3d parts I use repeatedly. These parts are saved as 3d symbols and batched in folders. I have also created a Record Format and Worksheet to go along with these parts. Record formats include the typical basics for part#, description, unit cost etc.

Now for the problem. I have been trying to attach part specific information to the original symbol so that every time I insert the symbol in a drawing it already has the specific part number, etc attached. When I click "edit" for the symbols the Data tab shows all the information that should be there, record format "X"ed everthing looks as it should. When I place the symbol in a drawing and then check to confirm that data is present it isn't. The Object Info data tab shows the record is attached but all the information specific to the part is missing.

I'm getting a little frustrated at figuring out why this isn't working. Any help?????


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I am in the original file. I'm creating the 3d parts in the master file, creating a copy of the part to leave behind in the drawing and then converting the original part to a symbol.

I did just think of one issue that may come into play. A bunch of these parts where originaly modeled in another program. Each part was individualy exported as a single SAT file and then imported in to VW. The part reads as a "Generic Solid". Other than being a generic solid, everything else seems the same.

Another thought or question...? Most of these parts consist of individual modeled pieces that are then grouped. The group is then converted to symbol. Would this make a difference?


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Got it!

Apparently it doesn't like the "group" Ungrouped the components and in this case with all selected "added solid" to create one piece. Then repeated the process and it works fine. All data follows the part. Looks like the program doesn't like to assign individual information to a "grouped" object.


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I have run into this, but only under very exact circumstances. If ALL the components of the symbol are grouped AND the insertion options are set to 'Convert to Group', the record won't stick. I guess the record gets confused about which group to attach to.

If you edit the symbol and deselect Convert to Group the record will stick.Also if you edit and add an element outside the group the record will stick.

I'm not sure why you would construct a symbol as a goup that inserts as a group. It's only happened to me by mistake, but I just tested this in 11.5 to be sure cause it sounded familiar.

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