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Creating a 2D plant symbol

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AS instructed by VW Help, I opened the Libraries\Defaults\Plants - 2D Symbols\2DPlantSymbols.mcd file and drew a plant symbol (should I set this document to the same scale and units first?). I drew my symbol and selected it. I went to Modify/Create symbol.

Now VW Help says I am supposed to save it to the 'root folder of the resource browser'. But when I click File/Save as..., I am not offered that choice. There is one called pdf resources, but the instructions clearly state not to save it in a folder.

Please advise. I hope this question is not quite so idiotic as my last post blush.gif

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If that is what the manual says, it is quite confusing.

You don't save individual symbols, just files they reside in. A new symbol appears in the RB at the top level and then you have the option to move it to a symbol folder.

Don't worry about scales or units. You are always actually working in inches, in 1:1 scale.

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Thanks Petri and Jonathan-

I managed to create a simple triangle (that's what I use to represent vines and climbers) and get it into the plant symbol offerings.

What if I drew something in Adobe Illustrator? Or drew a symbol in charcoal on paper than scanned it? That's what I want to try next.

I will probably be purchasing your manual, Jonathan, because the VW help is almost rubbish. I had a trial version of Turbocad 12 for a few weeks and the manual was soooo much clearer to newbies.

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Or drew a symbol in charcoal on paper than scanned it? That's what I want to try next.

Some of us have those, too... But in a specific class, so that we can choose whether we show the symbols as "technical" or "sketch". Or somewhere in between.

I don't think you get much added value from Illustrator. Polygons & polylines, gradient fills, mock shadows (again in a class) can be done in VW.

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