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When generating a window schedule I was wondering if there is a way to override some of the datasheets that are linked to preferences of a window when using the window tool. Specifically I want to be able to call out different sash types, for example I would like to identify a window as fixed/hopper as opposed to fixed or hopper. I?ve been able to go into custom sash operation dialogue box and designate light by light what I want, however it displays as custom in the text schedule.

Also is there a way to create asymmetrical sashs or mutins using the window tool?

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I would bet you are limited to the data VW presents in the window properties dialog for how the window presents itself. However, you could add a record format that includes fields of data that you need and is not part of the window properties and then tie the data you create to the window schedule worksheet so the window schedule worksheet contains data from both sources.

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Window and door parameter dialogs have in their Data entry tabs up to 34 data type entries including 10 user defined fields in which you can place any information abount a particular window.

You can also configure a formula as an if-then-else statement when you encounter certain data that you may want to re-name in a worksheet.

Pete A.

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Usually I have 2 or 3 "groupings" of windows done with Custom sashes on a Res project and a lot of single windows. In this case I'll call out the individual sizes in the Notes area. I'll also include a graphic window type under the schedule to clarify operations of sashes. This works ok. However, I'm doing a project now that mostly Custom groupings and its making a real mess of the schedule. I think I'll have to manually enter the data in some User Fields.

I wish the window schedule would list a Custom grouping by main ID Tag with subsets for individual sashes ie, W-17a, W-17b, W-17c. Why not? All the data is in the window settings but doesn't show up on schedule (just overall dims and "custom" for sash type).

cheers, mmm

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