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Export PDF doesn't print special characters



Using VW Architect 12.5.0 on OSX 10.4.7, PDF's made via 'Export PDF...' do not correctly show special font characters, such as the stacked plus/minus sign (made by typing Option Shift = ).

I typed these symbols into the leading (or trailing) box on the dimension PIO. On the exported PDF's these stacked plus/minus shows up just as a dash.

But when printing to an Acrobat 7 virtual printer, these special symbols show up correctly.


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I haven't tried VW's Export PDF. One of my associates has and had several problems.

What I have been doing since the advent of OSX 3.x where the print routine for any Macintosh printer dialog has a "Save As PDF" choice at the lower left corner of the print dialog is to take that option. Gives me the true and perfect PDFs every time. Like yourself I have tried Adobe's Acrobat 7 virtuasl printer and gotten good results.

I would stick with wither the Acrobat 7 VP or the "Save as PDF" choice in any Mac printer dialog until VectorWorks gets caught up with making true PDFs.

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