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This error message


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Has anyone ever seen this error message:

"Internal Error - General failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (Failure on attempt to open file)"

It just pops up once in awhile, and there appears to be no common thread. It gives me the option to click OK and when I do, I continue on my way. I just find the message slightly intimidating sometimes.

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I understand you are on a network, but are you saving the files to the network?

Do you happen to get this message at a specific interval, such as the time you've specified for auto save?

Are any other computers having this problem?

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No. We are not saving files to the network. Files are saved individually to the computers we are working on. We have an automatic back up system that updates everyday at a scheduled time, but there appears to be no connection to the time when back up occurs. We have only seen it on one computer of the 3 that we run VW on.

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Since I posted the first message, we think we may have figured out what was up. The file that this message was occurring in was started on one computer and then sent over by email to another. The file was then saved to the desktop and not to a folder. After a specific folder was created and the file was saved and renamed the message has not reappeared. I don't know if this solves anything, but no error message is a good thing. Thanks for your help Katie.

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We have a client that is seeing this now as well. Can save to a new folder created on his desktop, but not directly to anything that has this file already there. This happens to ALL files. Restarted several times, repaired local permissions, propagated permissions on the server. Nothing has helped.

In other words, if we open this file from his desktop, we cannot save back to the desktop (get this message). If we try to save to the server where this file also resides, get this error message.

Only saving it to a new place, or with a new name will allow it to save. But even then, trying to replace this new save over one of the original files, gives an error message (saying it is still in use, or something like that). No one else in the office is seeing this issue.

Thank you.

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