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How to Uninstall VW12.0.1??



We are longtime customers and users of VW products. We are currently experiencing a situation where we would like to uninstall and reinstall VW12, however there is no means to do so. We are running Windows XP Pro, SP2. The 3 obvious places where I would expect some uninstall protocal do not support such a feature. 1. There is no uninstall choice in the VW 12 "start"program pulldown menu. 2. Add/Remove Programs: VW12 does not even appear here as an option.???(Yet the program is installed and has been working for 7 months. Also, mysteriously, both VW10 and VW11, from which we have progressively upgraded, appear as options.) 3. There is no written instruction in the manuals or readme literature that came with the software. Also no references to uninstall in any help menu? Is anyone else experiencing this mystery? Could anyone provide instructions as to how one removes this program, short of a wholesale delete of the VW12 folder in my program files.

Thank you for any help.

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To delete the registry entries


it opens the editor

look for Vectorworks

you should find 2 instances

under current user and local machine

del the Key for VW12

restart winxp

and reinstall

either over the existing folder or

a new folder

save your custom worksspaces/ plu-ins and templates before reinstall

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Thanks for the instructions, I took a look at my regedit program as suggested, and I am still unclear what to delete and what not to within the registry. There are quite a few files?? listed under VW12 on the current user, and also there seems to be a bunch of others that exist under the Nemetschek folder heading when looking at the local machine folder heading. Additionally, I have older folders of VW10.5 and VW11. These I would like to save. Katie, could you provide me with some accepted instructions for uninstall and deletion of registry that you would recommend??

Thanks all for any help that you can give to a VW supporter.



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HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Softare > Nemetschek > VectorWorks X (Delete the whole folder)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Softare > Nemetschek > VectorWorks X (Delete the whole folder)

HKEY_USERS > [ expand the user number folder that does not end in classes ] > Softare > Nemetschek > VectorWorks X (Delete the whole folder)

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