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Enable Interactive Scaling Short cut

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By default, 12 seems to have left out the Zoom Out Tool and its corresponding keyboard shortcut of V (where C is still good for Zoom in). Or vice versa I forget. Adding it back using Workspace Editor was one of the first things I did.

Do you also know about the U key to toggle the mode for each tool?

Upon each VW launch, I always set Zoom-Out to be Interactive (pressing V, then U) while I'm wiggling my tush to get more comfortable in my chair. (Zoom-in stays Marquee, and the two becomes immensely more useful) I've been asking for a Vectorscript procedure to control the Mode buttons for the longest time. Are the VS developers reading this?

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Zooming is simple with a scroll-wheel, give it a go . . . I bought the cheapest and most basic 2-button mouse with a scroll-wheel recently, it works flawlessly on my old PowerBook (with no tedious 'Wizard' set-up either).

Don't worry about the so-called 'integrity and simplicity' of Macs . . . if Apple co-founder Woz, can admit he might have been wrong to go with just one button on the mouse -he was into the Bauhaus ethos at the time- I'm certain it'll be OK.

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U is the key i was looking for thanks. I have loooked in the work space editor but i can not find where to change the default keyboard shortcut from U. What is the tool called or what menue is under i am stumped.....

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It's in the Misc Keys section of the W/S Editor. Note that the U key toggles through the first mode group options for all tools. I,O,&P do likewise for the 2nd,3rd etc mode group options.

If you want to change the shortcut it would probably be a good idea to leave them all together in a "set" like they are.


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