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  1. revision date.. would be good. Also P_Drawing Title does not get the name automatically from the drawing title. It only allows to put the field on all title blocks. I kind of what to make my own version of the drawing label tool but in a title block. Thanks
  2. I did that but is does tell you how to add the date and time or document title. I want it so it updated it's self..
  3. Hi All, i'm trying to add the drawing and the date and time to my custom title block. I already have auto sheet layer naming and can link my records to my record format. What i'm missing is the suffix or prefix code for date and time and drawing title. I can not find it the VW manual. I'm using VW 2010 Can someone help please? Thanks Adriano
  4. Hi all I'm trying to render using the lee colour range and it's not working. I have had it working in the past. Have i done somthing to turn it off ??
  5. Thanks all fixed set to always
  6. Hi All When try and use the light tool i get an error that says (created light is not visible) I have recently updated to 12.5 on MAC Thanks
  7. addy

    Start Up

    Thanks All Now i have template and my document opens when Vw Starts.
  8. Hi All I am fairly new to VectorWorks so this may seem like a stupid question but i have to ask. How do you stop VW opening a new drawing or change the default drawing that VW opens every time the application is started using the icon from the doc. thanks Thanks
  9. U is the key i was looking for thanks. I have loooked in the work space editor but i can not find where to change the default keyboard shortcut from U. What is the tool called or what menue is under i am stumped.....
  10. HI All Can anybody help me with adding a shortcut to the Interactive scaling tool. If there is an existing short cut, what is is ? Im using VW 12 on a MAC Thanks
  11. addy

    Shadows and Mirror

    If looked through old posts and i couldn't find anything useful. I'm using version VW12 and most the posts out date this.
  12. Hi I have 2 questions. 1. Is it possible to have shadows with soft edges ? if so how is it done? 2. I have been adding a mirror finish to flooring and i wanted to difuse the reflective content so it was blury. Is the mirror tool best for this application ? Should i be using somthing like platic or phong. Thanks Addy
  13. I Changed to feet & Inches and proplem solved Thanks All..
  14. Hi Jtallen Can i email you my file Addy
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