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DWF files

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You can't open them in Autocad either, in case that makes you feel any better. That's why people create DWF files -- to prevent anyone else from being able to edit their drawings. It's just Autodesk trying to displace Adobe Acrobat.

But there's a free viewer, available at http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=2404513&siteID=123112

There's even a free DWF printer, in case you want to make your own and send them to the colleague who stuck you with them, instead of PDF files.

And if you want to try to circumvent the process, do a Google search for "dwf to dwg converter". I haven't tried any of those yet, but it looks like people are making the effort anyway.

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DWF is a Autocad veiwer file. It replaced there old Volo view. You will find Autocad users using this thur Buzzsaw as well. When you get a file from an Autocad user just ask for there .dwg and .ctb file. Works best for import to .MCD


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quote: is there any DWF view for macintosh

I don't think so. Autodesk promised a free Mac DWF viewer in Sept '03, but apparently they only did that so as to discourage anyone else from working on one.

But here's a company that claims to sell a browser plug-in for viewing DWF files, which they say will work on any platform because it's Java-based: http://www.cadviewer.com/

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I have a feeling they don't want it to be. They would like everyone to use Autocad. They have so much of the markert they can contorl it to a point. The good thing is that Programs like VW offer features that AC doen't.

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