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Using line graphic textures in Hidden line mode



It would be great to have an option to use hatches or line groups much he same as we can do with photographic textures.

I would like a plain old line work type of graphic indication for various sidings which would appear in hidden line render mode. There are many reasons for this:

Plotting color renderings for building permits is a no-no in my sphere of "influence". The building departments reject them out of hand. Plotting using gray scale consumes too much ink and the reprographics folk cannot print them useably in black and white. Again gray scale is rejected by building departments because they do not scan/microfiche correctly into the records system.

So I am currently laboriously making 2D polys and hatching them in my viewports and using the old partial rendering technique of days of yore to convey where siding is, where exterior materials change, etc. on the construction document drawings.

For all the automation we have gained - some things need to be "laboriously done by hand" still.

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