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printing with colours as weight



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The answer to your question is to go to Document Preferences> Display tab > Black and White Only.

You might do better to forget about mapping line weights to colours entirely. It is a bizzarre anachronism from when ACAD was incaplable of handling line weights any other way.

Now I understand that some people like that approach, but I tend to use colours to deliniate different "structural" parts of complex jobs (and even use the black screen sometimes!), and/or as a graphical tool to make the drgs clearer.

For Line weights I use the view capabilities of the programme to adjust the weights I've been working with, (ie "zoom Lineweights") and only do it towards the end when I'm near to printing a draft.

One of VW's great strengths is it's graphical attributes, and I think "embracing" them will serve you better than trying to duplicate what you have done with ACAD



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