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It's not just PS printers that have trouble!



Non-postscript printers such as the HP 5000 and HP 8550 cannot print out of VectorWorks under 10.3. Much like the Postscript printers, attempting to print to these printers causes Vectorworks to crash every time.

G4 Powerbook

800M RAM

OS X 10.3

Vectorworks 10.5.0

This is a huge problem.

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With all due respect, isn't it the job of the software vendor to coordinate their releases, updates, and so forth with Apple regarding releases of OS upgrades?

Panther is set to be released in three days. Should we expect a patch from Vectorworks which solves these printing problems soon? I would hate to think that those of us who use MACs, and tout the capabilities of both Vectorworks and OS X (to our PC using friends), should have to make excuses for why we can't print, or make proper IFF images or any number of other problems.

I appreciate your prompt response to the previous post.

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I agree with your statements up to a point, 10.3 has not gone public yet so NNA cannot be responsible for support in this OS and Katie is entirely right to make this stance, that is until as you said 3 days time when it will become NNA responsibility.

Although I would be happy in the knowledge to know that this problem has been highlighted in their testing programme and that a fix will be made available after the launch date. I don't want to go through the printing disaster again that came about after the 10.2.4 update and neither would NNA.

This is just the downside to being on the bleeding edge.

Changing the topic slightly, I've managed to print a PS printer from VW 10.5 & OS 10.3 by selecting "Raserize print output" in the VW printer options.

I'm going to try and hold my breath until Friday!

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