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  1. answering my own question here, Nemetschek UK support confirmed that VW2009 does output separate DWG files.
  2. Hi, I wonder if someone can answer a query I have on a new export feature of VW2009: "Improved DWG/DXF Support of Design Layer Viewports Each Vectorworks design layer viewport now exports as a referenced DWG file with its own layers" Does this mean that when you export a VW drawing with references you end up with DWG's of all of your VW files? instead of a single DWG file with the reference files imported, as per VW2008 export? If this is the case, when you open the main drawing file in Autocad will it automatically find the supporting referencing dwg files? Thanks, Stuart
  3. IKeo, I agree with your statements up to a point, 10.3 has not gone public yet so NNA cannot be responsible for support in this OS and Katie is entirely right to make this stance, that is until as you said 3 days time when it will become NNA responsibility. Although I would be happy in the knowledge to know that this problem has been highlighted in their testing programme and that a fix will be made available after the launch date. I don't want to go through the printing disaster again that came about after the 10.2.4 update and neither would NNA. This is just the downside to being on the bleeding edge. Changing the topic slightly, I've managed to print a PS printer from VW 10.5 & OS 10.3 by selecting "Raserize print output" in the VW printer options. I'm going to try and hold my breath until Friday!
  4. Hello I'm having a problem printing from VW 10.5 to a postscript printer in mac os 10.3 (7B85), These PS printers (OCE TDS400 & Konica Print Centre) print fine from other apps in 10.3 and VW prints to non-PS printer without any problems. Below is the error log Date/Time: 2003-10-20 11:13:36 +0100 OS Version: 10.3 (Build 7B85) Command: VectorWorks (/Applications/VectorWorks 10.5/VectorWorks) PID: 519 Thread: 0 Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xffffffff Thread 0 Crashed: #0 0x9157db9c in CloseCPort (CloseCPort + 240) #1 0x9159b05c in DisposePort (DisposePort + 28) #2 0x88188618 in PrPortClose (PrPortClose + 72) #3 0x881889e0 in spoolCloseDoc (spoolCloseDoc + 172) #4 0x88172430 in psSpoolCloseDoc (psSpoolCloseDoc + 16) #5 0x882a60d0 in _Z17ReleaseDrawingCtxPK9CVBackEndPPv (_Z17ReleaseDrawingCtxPK9CVBackEndPPv + 100) #6 0x916fee00 in _Z14PJCEndDocumentP20OpaquePMPrintSession (_Z14PJCEndDocumentP20OpaquePMPrintSession + 136) #7 0x916fed2c in PMSessionEndDocumentNoDialog (PMSessionEndDocumentNoDialog + 88) #8 0x91907300 in PMSessionEndDocument (PMSessionEndDocument + 272) #9 0x02066238 in 0x2066238 #10 0x0205ed50 in 0x205ed50 #11 0x0299850c in 0x299850c #12 0x0299d9f0 in 0x299d9f0 #13 0x0299dd40 in 0x299dd40 #14 0x0299de34 in 0x299de34 #15 0x024a81a4 in 0x24a81a4 #16 0x024999ec in 0x24999ec #17 0x0249a038 in 0x249a038 #18 0x0249a18c in 0x249a18c #19 0x0249a454 in 0x249a454 #20 0x0249a5c8 in 0x249a5c8 #21 0x0249a85c in 0x249a85c #22 0x0249a6a4 in 0x249a6a4 #23 0x02072fb0 in 0x2072fb0 #24 0x020878d0 in 0x20878d0 #25 0x02087928 in 0x2087928 #26 0x0209dcdc in 0x209dcdc #27 0x020878d0 in 0x20878d0 #28 0x02087928 in 0x2087928 #29 0x020878d0 in 0x20878d0 #30 0x02088e10 in 0x2088e10 #31 0x020888d0 in 0x20888d0 #32 0x02073474 in 0x2073474 #33 0x0208640c in 0x208640c #34 0x020861ac in 0x20861ac #35 0x02071498 in 0x2071498 Thread 1: #0 0x900075c8 in mach_msg_trap (mach_msg_trap + 8) #1 0x90007118 in mach_msg (mach_msg + 56) #2 0x90191930 in __CFRunLoopRun (__CFRunLoopRun + 848) #3 0x901960bc in CFRunLoopRunSpecific (CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 328) #4 0x9073315c in _ZN10HALRunLoop9OwnThreadEPv (_ZN10HALRunLoop9OwnThreadEPv + 260) #5 0x907393ac in _ZN9CAPThread5EntryEPS_ (_ZN9CAPThread5EntryEPS_ + 48) #6 0x900247e8 in _pthread_body (_pthread_body + 40) PPC Thread State: srr0: 0x9157db9c srr1: 0x0200f030 vrsave: 0x00000000 cr: 0x22002284 xer: 0x20000000 lr: 0x9157db8c ctr: 0x900011c0 r0: 0x9157db8c r1: 0xbfffe900 r2: 0xffffffff r3: 0x08294c60 r4: 0x00000000 r5: 0xa0280870 r6: 0x00000001 r7: 0x00000001 r8: 0x00000003 r9: 0xa00011ac r10: 0x00000c5f r11: 0x08502004 r12: 0x900011c0 r13: 0x00000000 r14: 0x00000000 r15: 0x00000000 r16: 0x00000000 r17: 0x00564e74 r18: 0x00000001 r19: 0x0055a4a0 r20: 0x00000001 r21: 0x004c4cbc r22: 0xbfffeec6 r23: 0x076b880c r24: 0x076fd298 r25: 0x00000000 r26: 0x00000286 r27: 0xa155dab4 r28: 0xa15637ec r29: 0x0031d9d0 r30: 0x08462f40 r31: 0x9157dab4 Hope anyone can help Cheers
  5. Josh, I had the same problem when I updated to 10.2.3.( could not print from TDS400 or our Konica print center) The problem lies in the PPD code for the printer driver, relating to the default roll setting. For some reason this Bug was missed by Apple in the 10.2.3 release, I'm not sure if it has been fixed in 10.2.4 To solve this you must change some of the code in the oce PPD file "OCTD4004.ppd". You can open the file up in TextEdit and make the relevant changes (see below) *% ========== 5.14 Media Selection ========================================================== *OpenUI *InputSlot: PickOne *OrderDependency: 50.1 AnySetup *InputSlot *DefaultInputSlot: Roll1 *InputSlot Roll1/Roll 1: "<< /MediaPosition 1>> setpagedevice" *InputSlot Roll2/Roll 2: "<< /MediaPosition 2 >> setpagedevice" *InputSlot ManualFeed/Manual Feed: "<< /ManualFeed true >> setpagedevice" *?InputSlot: "currentpagedevice /ManualFeed get {(ManualFeed)} { (Slot) print currentpagedevice /InputAttributes get /Priority get 0 get 9 string cvs} ifelse =" *End *CloseUI: *InputSlot After you make the changes replace old PPD file with your new one, go to PrintCentre and reconfigure the printer with the new PPD file and all should work. If it still doesn't work for you, post your email address here and I will send you my oce PPD file for the TDS400
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