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Font Substitution in Worksheets OS10.2.6



I am attempting to work exclusively in OSX, but I am having a font substitution problem in worksheets. I am using VW 10.1.2 and VW 10.5. When I create a postscript file for my service bureau, fonts in worksheets revert to a defauult font (Arial or Helvetica) as opposed to the font in the worksheet. Other text in the file (not in worksheets) prints fine. The same file plots correctly in OS 9.2 (including worksheets). I have checked the VW preferences for font substitution and removed all substitutions.

I can create VectorWorks pdf files in OSX which appear to be correct, however, my service bureau prefers postscript files.

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There is a bug with certain types of fonts in worksheets when printing as of OS 10.1.2. The problem was not resolved until 10.2.6.

The problem was that fonts in worksheets would print scruched up - letters stacked almost on top of each other. Since Apple wasn't fixing it immediately, we forced all open type and PS fonts to be substituted with the default system font.

That adjustment in VW is still there since there are still users on OS 10.1.x.

If you have a True Type version of the font, use the TT version in the worksheet. It will print using that font in the worksheet.

The problem is only in worksheets because of the way worksheets are handled.

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Thanks again for your help. I was able to convert the postscript fonts to truetype and now the postscript plot files are created properly in OS 10.2.6. Unfortunately, I had to boot into OS9 to create the truetype font conversion since my font utility does not function in Classic mode, however, this was only a minor inconvenience, but this will be more of a problem when my G5 arrives since it will not boot into OS9.

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Glad it worked for you.

Most fonts for OS 10 have TT versions available. At least, most of Adobe's do.

There are a number of font converter's out there that will work with OS 10. YOu may want to look into them at either cnet.com/downloads or versiontracker.com.

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Hi Katie,

Your answers are most helpful.

I've been looking for trutype fonts that we use without success, but have been able to find OpenType fonts.

Would they be good substitutes for the problematic SpostScrypts? or will we have the same issues with our work sheets?



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True Types work in worksheets too and can be a good substitution.

Adobe makes some pretty nifty fonts available in a wide variety of formats.

One hitch- if you get a font suitcase from Adobe, all the components of the suitcase need to be in the same place and only in one place on the Hard Drive. Not doing so will lead to font corruptions, missing components and other problems which will certainly always lead to a printing problem. Even if these fonts are not used when printing, corrupt fonts, missing components of a suitcase, etc have shown to produce printing problems.

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