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HP Designjet 800 or 800PS ?



We're planning to buy an HP Designjet 800 printer for using with VectorWorks 10.5 under Mac OS X 10.2.6

We print architectural drawings, so have we to buy the 800 or the 800PS model ?

Concerning the drivers, is the HP OS X driver the only thing needed or do we need to buy Xrip or to use Gimp Print ?

Thanks in advance


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Typically if you are on a mac and want to use the HP software to drive the plotter, then you need the ps version. From what I have been told by microspot, makers of x-rip, you can drive the non ps version if you have a hpgl card in the plotter. A quick look at my gimp print driver does not show support for the 800 although I may not have a current version of gimpprint. Some of the cost associated with the 800 is that it has a hard drive on it that has some of the driver software on it and you can send more files to it while it processes and prints. I assume that this would only work with the HP driver. So you would be paying for hardware you couldn't use unless you when with the hp drivers. if you wish to use the plotter on a network now, or in the future, I believe that xrip only works on one machine or you need a more costlier version for a network. if you have any problems (you will) as soon as you say to hp that you are driving the machine with a third party driver, they will pass the buck and say it's the other guys product that is causing the problem. So I think for the most versatility and value you are stuck with the 800 ps version. If you are not hung up on the 800, I would look into the epson 7600 or 9600, that's what I have. It has better output, permanent inks, networkable (separate card), and a simple non ps software driver.

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