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Make dimensions not snappable



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You can also create a custom dimension set under preferences. When you edit the dimension preferences, you can set a wider gap between the dimension line and the object. This may help to avoid a dimension line snapping to another line instead of the object that you are trying to dimension.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not sure what you mean. I've never seen a contraint that controls snapping "to" a dimension. I want the dimensions to be prohibited from snapping to each other, whilst retaining the abilty for the dimesions to snap to geometry. The constraint pallette is useful for controlling what flavor of geometry you wish to snap to (edges, surfaces, intersections, selection handles, etc.), but it does not seem to differentiate between object type (i.e. dimensions, rectangles, polygons).


Thanks, yes it does help, but it's not as sure-fire as making dimensions unsnappable.

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making dinensions not snap to each other would make it hard to line up dimensions that you create at different times, or when you want to move a dimension to line up with another dimension.

For me this would be a bad thing...

If you are having trouble snapping to dimensions when you are drawing, there are two suggestions that I have:

1. set up a custom dimension style so that your dimension lines are further away from the object ( or so close that they are touching the object)

2. zoom in closer so that you avoid snapping to the wrong object...

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I understand your opinion, but for me it would be better to have a toggled preference or constraint to turn it on or off.

I have set up a dimension style that helps reduce the risk of mis-snapping by keeping the dimensions further from the geometry and it does *help* but still makes me queasy. Having the dimension lines touch the geometry is very poor style in my opinion, so not really an option.

It is certainly possibly to zoom in ultra-close for every dimension pick, just not effecient. For me, it would be faster/more effecient to have a constraint, or class setting, or preference that allowed dimensions to snap/not snap to each other. I hit "F" every time I need to toggle snapping to an edge, if I could hit "H" every time I need to toggle snapping to a dimension I would be very happy.

FWIW, I've been using the application since MiniCAD 5, and and generally really like the program. I would just like to have more assistance from the software to insure that dimensions are accurate to the geometry, especially when a couple thousandth's of an inch can ruin a one of the dozens of machine parts I neeed to design in a day.


Thanks for the support!

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