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Dynamic attributs in equipment summary key

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I'd like to know if there a way to see the dynamic attributes in the new summary tool, I use it a lot to make light plot easy to read but can't find a way to make them appear in the new tool and since the legacy one don't work for some reason (each modification makes vw freeze for 5 to 10 minutes) I'm quite stuck here. I've found a workaround by putting the Dynamic a tribute key aside of the equipment summary one, but its messy and it would really help me if someone has any information about this



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Yes this is what i mean, im sorry im currently running a french version and didn't had time to switch to English to check if the name was right when i tried to translate it. 

That might be why i didn't find any information on this issue


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This is already the step I use to bring up the data visualization in the instrument key , but as you can see in the image I sent earlier, the equipement summary key doesn't display the colored symbols.

I've tried following the step again in a new file created from VW2024 and I'm still experiencing the same problem. i'm attaching the vw files from my test


14 hours ago, Scott C. Parker said:

I've seen another French user having the same issue. 


From what i get this should work but doesn't, I know vw is distributed and co-developed with design express, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but could this be a problem with the European or French version and should I ask them for help?


thanks you for your replies 

vectorwork datavisualisation test.vwx

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