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volumetric properties

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I am currently modeling speaker cabinet designs and internal volume is critcal in the factoring of drivers etc.  I am wondering when vectorworks calculates volume for an object if if uses the outside planes of the object or if when using extrusions  the volume is calculated from the interior surfaces that have adjoining surfaces?  Or will vectorworks even calculate an internal volume such as this.  The file is a very over simplified version of what I am trying to do.  The green represents the internal volume and the red is the external.Screenshot2024-02-09at5_16_25PM.thumb.png.30a4458d6e04654ffc87ecdfaf3d1474.pngScreenshot2024-02-09at5_17_10PM.thumb.png.dc093a68190ba61f1f4a95c4f4149d2f.pngScreenshot2024-02-09at5_17_55PM.thumb.png.663c18cae678973d9dd90459ff14f67d.pngspkvolume.vwx 

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I don't think VW will calculate the volume you are looking for. It appears that your cabinet is made up of 4 to 6 individual "slabs".  Volume could give you the volume of each separate piece, but not the volume of the entire object.


To get what you want, I think you will need to create a "dummy" object that occupies the internal space that you actually want the volume of.  Or if it is easier to draw, an object that will contain the entire cabinet and then use the volume of the individual pieces to subtract from the overall volume.



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