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IFC Referencing - Using same layernames

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I have multiple referenced IFCs. Some of these are using the same layernames. 

Vectorworks tells me to rename the layers that allready exist to reference the next IFC. Could i change this on import? Or put on a prefix to these layers?

After a week when i need to update these references I need to do the same job again.


Any tips?

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The BEP should define the names for IFC storeys... 


If not, then best to import the IFCs into separate files using your project template, and rename the layers, then prep the imported data and then reference it.


Referencing IFCs, like DWG only works IF the IFC has been issued correctly.


Most overlook the IFC storey name in the BEP though.

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You can see the referenced layernames here. As you can see i have added ARK, RIE etc. at the end. It`s the different external departments.


If I reference the ARK IFC First. It crashes with Ventilation(Riv).

Does programs like Revit handle this in an other way since i havent heard that anyone else has problems with this?



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It does not crash, it says after it is finished working through the referenced file that the Referenced layername allready exists. Please rename the existing layer. 

And it cancels the import of said layer. Then i need to rename it to like i have here: Added ARK at the end. Then it is okey to import the next IFC.


There is allway new editions to the IFC. When i update say the ARK file it imports this to the same old layernames(Without ARK suffix) and i will get a conflict again.

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FFR, ALWAYS request a naming convention for storeys (levels) in all models to be included in the BEP.


The storey is another form of container, and thus should adopt similar the fields to the file name, if you are following ISO19650 or similar.


So, for example, if you are using ISO19650 your file name could be something like


ABCD-EFG-A-ZZ-M-A-020000-ArchitecturalModel, the architect's model for building A, containing all levels (ZZ)


or as we prefer


ABCD-EFG-001-000-M-A-020000-ArchitecturalModel, where using numbers not letters results in files listing correctly in a standard OS finder... 😉


You do not need to use all these fields in a storey name, but the author code, or discipline, building (functional breakdown), location (spatial breakdown) and level description certainly help.




for example, could be the ground floor storey for company 'EFG', for building 'A', related to finished floor level.


This could equally be written




Architecture - Building 001 - Ground Floor - Finished Floor Level


The question though, is whether the federated model needs to adopt the same level naming for quantity take-off, for example.  It would be similar to having a single grid for the project.  Something for the IM to confirm which is why it so important this is defined in the BEP.  It would cause havoc in vectorworks though unless you adopt one startegy for layer and storey naming, and export with a different name, which is always possible.



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