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Equipment Summary - VWX24 Sp2.1

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Need help on COMPARE TO INVENTORY of Equipment Summary. 


For instance, I have (1) leko with total inventory of (10). When I turn on COMPARE TO INVENTORY on Key, it shows inventory as (0).  



My question is:

* which inventory is key referencing to 


 Am i missing anything here 

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23 hours ago, Scott C. Parker said:

It should compare to all inventories with a check in the use column. However, the comparison is looking at the plug-in version of the symbols vs. the symbol version at the moment.

Thanks, Scott.


Changed to plug -in version of the symbol, it looks same to me.  



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2 hours ago, Scott C. Parker said:

THanks. It's a bug. I'll put in a report.

Thank you, Scott. 


Also would love to the difference between plug in of symbol VS. Symbol itself. Would it be great that just show light devise as ome kind if possible

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