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Change Symbol Field Value with Marionette


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I am new to Marionette, still learning the ropes. Is it possible to use it to change a field value for a symbol? In our production process we generate custom to-scale graphical plant legends on our landscape plans. As of now we just insert a copy of each plant symbol that's in the design and make sure that the box for "On Plant List" is unchecked under Insertion Options in the OIP. We then go on to align and distribute the symbols as needed and add the plant names next to them. We're looking to try to automate this process, and are curious to know if we could automate that box being unchecked.

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The check box is just a field in the Plug-in Object Parameter Record.  Find the right field and you can set or unset it the same as you would change any other field in a record.


But before you go there, you probably want to take a look at the Graphical Legend too/object. It is designed to do exactly what you are trying to do and will prevent you having to place extra plants into the drawing to get the legend you want.

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Another solution is to create a simple worksheet, with the formula =IMAGE in the first column, which will display the symbol's image.  The other columns can display other plant information.
There are example tables already available in the library.  I'm in French so I don't know the name of the command in other language versions.

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