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Soft goods hung on an angle


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The SoftGoods plug-in won't do this. However, you can adapt the geometry to get you close to something that is very useable. Sadly, you will loose the functionality of the SoftGoods object though.


I did a video a few weeks ago about how you can do this. It is for a curved edge as opposed to a sloping edge, but the principles are the same.



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I presume that you want curtain at the end of tent and tent has straight triangular shape at the roof rigde. Way of doing this is to draw curtain with Soft Goods tool as wide as tent end is. Go to front view, use Convert to Group command(CTRL-K). Now you should have Nurbs Surface. Now you can use Split Tool to cut curtain along tent roof. You have to use Split twice to get both sides. Now you should have Nurbs Surface that has wavy form of Soft Good tool and geometry from tent end.



If your shape is more complex then Marks video will guide you to achieve that. 

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